Are you underestimating the powerful FREE marketing opportunities that lie within Craigslist? Before you shut Craigslist out for its possibilities to retrieve students here is a list of additional uses from Craigslist.

  1.    Community (Event Page) – Use the Community Event Page and list your upcoming events everything from Open House to Recital. If you are uncomfortable with complete strangers being able to attend have them RSVP by calling and gather some preliminary information. FYI: People rarely come all the way out to attend a school’s event without being genuinely interested.
  2.    Community (New Class Page) – You can either list your open available time slots you have private lessons or promote an upcoming workshop or camp you plan to host.
  3.    Jobs (Education) – If you own a music academy or are in need of an assistant posting ads on the Craigslist jobsite to hire a new instructor is great source. You will be extremely surprised at the talent you can pull from craigslist. In my own experienced I have attracted Instructors with Masters Degrees in music as well as music teachers in their first year.
  4.    Services (Creative) – Who doesn’t need help when the studio is getting really crazy? I have found that you can’t do everything if you want to run a successful music school so using the “Creative” posting board under the Service menu has allowed me to connect with graphic designers, website designers, videographers, and photographers. All have been of high quality and also they normally post deals or coupons that I normally wouldn’t have been able to take advantage of by contacting them through their business site.
  5.    For Sale (Music Instruments) – Every studio starting out or expanding needs equipment and supplies for an affordable price. With great caution I would suggest for you to look to purchase through Craigslist. Granted when I go to inspect a potential instrument to purchase, I inspect it fully from making the owner power it on, I play a few songs, and turn it off and on a few more times just to make sure all the parts are working and of quality. Side note: Sometimes people who are selling  a piano also have  stack of sheet music they want to give a way too!-This is how I built my library when I was first starting out.
  6.    For Sale-part 2- I thought a separate category was needed for these items because I practically use Craigslist the way someone would use a thrift store! I have found two heavy duty copy machines that were in perfect condition the previous business’ were closing and wanted to get rid of the items. I have also found desk and file cabinets.
  7.    For Sale (Free) – Last but not least who doesn’t love Free items, I would recommend for you to check out their list of FREE items at least once every two weeks. Scan through the items and see if it’s anything you need.

Good luck, it’s like a scavenger hunt but once you find what you were looking for in perfect condition and at the perfect price you will be so happy!!

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