It used to be that back in the days when you start a business that all you needed to do was reserve your business name in your city and then open up shop. However now that so much has taken over with social media it is important to make sure your name is available on these main sites too. So, once you’ve settled on a studio name check to make sure that your name is available and reserve it fast on these three sites.
1. –You will do much of your branding and studio recognition through Facebook that you’ll want to make sure that you have your actual studio name attached to it. Make sure when setting up your Facebook business page for your music lessons that you create a url name that includes your studio name.

2. Website Domain Name-Exactly the way your business name is spelt. Do not use shortcuts or abbreviations because it may be hard for your own students to remember the name of your website. When I first started the name of my studio was Piano Passion and I named it that before checking to see if the domain was available. Once I decided to get a website the domain name wasn’t available and I had to add “NC” behind Piano Passion. Although, people eventually found the website, it was a bother to constantly remind parents to add the additional letters.

3. – More than likely you will want to upload video of the students in your studio so it is a good idea to create a YouTube page with your music studio name so that way when someone is searching for music lessons in your city and come across your studio they will easily find your studio and see your many talented students.