1. Small Business Classes

You will find a broad range of business courses designed for working adults, with topics such as computers, leadership skills, social media, conflict resolution, sales, and time management. In addition, you will be surrounded around other professional individuals just like you who are operating a small business. It’ll be great to bounce ideas off of one another and also find out about other resources available to you in your community.

2. Interns or Assistants

If your local college has a music program, you may be able to find some students who are about to graduate and would like to come and work at your studio to gain experience.  Students are great to hire so that you can mentor them and they can take on extra students in your studio or also teach makeup lessons. Don’t get anxiety about if they will try and steal students or if they will sabotage your studio. Weed those individuals out in the interview process.

3. Printing Services

Some small colleges and Universities have their own on-site print shop to fulfill their own printing needs as well as support printing for the community and that in return brings money to the college.  You can send your print work to your local college and receive a quality print service for all of your printing needs. No matter if you are printing flyers for your music studio or printing your recital programs.

4. Performance Venue

If you check out your local universities or even community colleges, most of them have at least one performance venue and a lot of colleges have more than one to choose from. If they have a music program that’s a plus, because more than likely they will have a recital hall with a baby grand or grand piano!! Check into renting their venue to host your next music recital.