Here’s a thought, when parents decide to sign their children up for music lessons they may find your business by googling music lessons in their area, music classes etc. However that’s not the reason they decide to sign up with you.


In fact, have you ever thought of the reason why parents sign their children up with you? When they have a list of other music schools and private lesson teachers that have all equally showed up in the first few pages of Google!


While some of it can be attributed to convenience and price, much of the final decision is based on a few other things. Can you guess, what it might be?


No-You don’t have to have a degree from a high end music school (besides your average music parent may not even be knowledgeable of the university you attended unless it’s Julliard -and some people don’t even know about Julliard)


No-You don’t have to have some amazing large facility, that’s located in a busy shopping center etc.


And No, you also don’t have to have students who are all getting booked on broadway while you are out with the latest celebrity pop star and making them your protege.


While all these things are helpful and add massive credibility to your resume they should be the least of your worries! Here are some things that I have found through the years of operating and owning my own my music school, are what really matter to the parent when entrusting their child’s music education with you.

  1. That you are trustworthy! -Are you able to admit that a student is not progressing and that the parent is just wasting their money if the student doesn’t attend regularly and practice? This is what it takes to operate a successful music lesson business. Being able to let go a student when they aren’t progress as they should and they aren’t willing to put in the work.
  2. That you are reliable-Calling out and canceling too many times makes your customers feel like this is just a hobby for you. Just like you would want your music students to attend at their regular lesson time and not expect make up lessons every other week, you should require and demand the same from yourself.
  3. That you are competent and can explain the methods that you use to teach students and the reason why (not just because this was the way it was taught to me) -Are you able to explain the progression of music lessons in detail? Are you able to explain the benefits of performing in recitals, and grading events etc. Can you understand the format of each lesson book you use and how it helps the student learn music overall?
  4. Neat and organized -How does the area where your music student comes in to take lessons look? Is it neatly organized, are items over stacked and cluttered? When parents request items, such as books or papers are you able to find them easily? If a parent as for a list of payment information are you able to find it quickly and recite dates and times of previous payments?
  5. Professional and respectful- How do you communicate with your student’s parent and the student? Are you dismissive if the individual isn’t as musically gifted? Do you have favorites in your music studio? How is your daily appearance?
  6. That you have boundaries- When students have tantrums in your music studio do you give in and let them have their way? Do you let parent’s sweet talk you into doing special favors for them?
  7. And overall parents want to feel that they really matter to you and they are not just another student!