When summer hits many teachers find that a lot of their students want to take a break from lessons for many reasons such as summer vacations, participating in other summer camps and also just want to hang out with their friends and have “fun.”

I would like to suggest five alternatives that you can implement in your music studio so that you can not only keep students progressing but also keep the bills paid!

Determine the recreational students from the serious dedicated students-
Concentrate on establishing a studio where you are able to cultivate more dedicated students to the instrument and by doing so, from the very moment they enroll you are able to inform the parent of how important it is to take lessons all year long. Many of my students participate in annual grading events, recitals and also we are often invited to perform in a lot of major community events so I stress the importance to my parents that if the child is not enrolled full-time they will not have those opportunities. It’s an easy decision for the parent who is serious about their child progressing in music lessons to commit to that requirement.

Join with someone else’s summer program
Take a moment to look up summer camp programs in your area, write down the ones who are currently offering enrichment programs and call and ask if they are interested in offering music lessons with their current summer program?! If they are, work out the logistics so that you can offer your music lessons in a group setting. If enough instruments are a problem offer music theory or something vocal. The key is to concentrate on offering a rate for a group setting. Many times this provides a potential opportunity to get new private students as well!

Create your own mini-workshops for your own and potential students
Watch our video on Workshops Your Music Studio Should be offering
Starting Your Own Summer Camp or putting on a production
Offer a la carte lessons/Pay As You Go w/ a certain required amount
Bonus: Save up for summer marketing/advertising and advertise that it’s a great time to start music lessons! I always explain to my students on the importance of holding your time slot because in the summer we get a lot of new students enrolled and therefore it’s difficult to just get back on the schedule in your preferred time slot.