When it comes to hiring music instructors for your music school you might not know where to find quality music teachers who want to work in a music school setting. You may feel as though you’ve looked everywhere for new staff and can’t seem to find any or you find teachers who don’t meet your standard requirements. Well look no further, I have created a list of 8 resources that you can check out to fine quality music instructors to staff your studio and allow you to offer multiple instruments and services in your music lesson business.  
When staffing your music lesson business it’s important that you create a strategy for ongoing recruiting of quality music teachers because you never know when you will need to replace a music teacher or when a teacher will decide to no longer teach at your music school. One solution to staying in contact with potential staff is to hire them as “Temporary Teachers.” Temporary Teachers in your music studio can function as substitutes, workshop host, and summer camp teachers.
A few resources that I have used when seeking out music teachers are in the following:
Indeed.com -A popular website where many candidates post their  resumes. Once you create a Profile for your business on their website you can then post jobs. You will need to pay a daily minimum of $10 to boost your ad receive resumes from interested teachers.
Craigslist.org-Craigslist is great and one post will last for 30 days and is only $30
LinkedIn– Linkedin works great to find quality music teachers, if you have already connected with music teachers in your area you can just email them directly. However if you aren’t connected to the individual you can pay to send them an email or you can post an ad and pay the LinkedIn fee to boost and promote the ad for you. You can also create a business page for your music school on LinkedIn.
Local Colleges and/or Universities with music programs-Connect with professors of your local universities and colleges, many students are looking to teach in their Junior and Senior years of study. College students are great however they may require a bit of guidance and music teacher training because of their inexperience with teaching a diverse amount of levels of music study. Dependent on the student’s long-term goals you may have to replace college students on frequent basis.  
Pre-k Music Program or Toddler Music Program-There are many Toddler Music Programs available and often music teachers who are certified by those programs are looking for a place to offer classes. It could possibly work double fold for you if they also teach additional instruments proficiently.
Networking – Networking in your local community and making sure that people know what you do and what you offer is great because through word of mouth your name will get passed around so that a musician new to the area can have a possibility of finding out about opportunities to work for you. Local music pubs, and places where community musicians perform are great to recruit adequate teaching staff.
Care.com-Care.com is also a great source for advertising your music lessons and also for finding music teachers to teach for you.
Facebook allows you to post open jobs on your Facebook business page. You can create a form on the job posting or just post a description of what you are looking for. It’s worked very well for me and since it’s free, it works great to keep up all year around and not worry about it costing me. I have gotten quite a few resumes from keeping the job openings available on the Facebook page. Another avenue is that you can post on different group pages and there are many job boards and community boards for potential candidates and you may receive some interest from those groups and pages. One additional suggestion is check out pages of your local colleges, sometimes they have discussion pages and you can also post on those pages.
Bonus: Many times if music teachers don’t know that you are hiring or the opportunity for applying to work with you they won’t apply. So,  above all else remember, to keep a page on your website for potential employees to submit their resume and experience that way you can always have a pile to pull from.
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