When I first got started with my music studio, I found it very challenging to find a place to teach. I knew I wanted to eventually grow my private lesson business into a music school so teaching in my home wasn’t ideal and traveling to student’s homes wasn’t ideal. So my next option was to evaluate my resources and try and find a quality and convenient location to offer music lessons. I realize that like me, many may not have the resources required to start in a commercial building as well as many individuals aren’t even ready to operate their music lesson businesses at that level. Starting a business takes planning and implementation of the right strategies.  


So in this post today, I want to give you a few suggestions for you to bootstrap your business start-up, so that you can get started now and you can begin to grow your business right away.


  1. Rent an office space– An office space rental will allow you low monthly cost (much lower than commercial space) and also the ability to have a seperate teaching space for your students. Seeking out a space may take some time because you may receive some rejections because of noise concerns, customers may have difficulty finding your business and Also other tenants who aren’t as professional may interfere with your business/customers. Nevertheless, if you can find a small business office it’s a great way to start. Many times in smaller offices those individuals just rent an office space and they don’t come into work at all.


  1. Partner With An Existing Business -Partnering with an existing business is a great way to build your reputation as well as client base, it’s kind of like a co-signer for a credit application. The reputation of that business often times can affirm your capabilities to their customers. You can seek out partnerships with local pre-schools, private schools, dance studios and even daycares. Often times these individuals will want to receive a percentage or a rental fee when working with them.


  1. Rent Space in a music store- A last resort would be to start in a retail music store. The only difficulty with this is that it can become a bit difficult establishing your reputation a part from the store. It can also become a bit difficult to not steal students from the store, especially if the students want to come with you when you get ready to leave. Nevertheless, teaching in a music store retail space provides a great opportunity for you to have access to quality instruments and accessories.


Where there’s a will, there’s a way! If you really want to start your music lesson business, don’t wait get started today. Be unstoppable and you will make it happen!