Congratulations! You are now ready to start seeking out staff to help you grow your music school. Hiring staff and contracting work can be a very intricate process, and it helps that you know that it’s an ongoing combined effort between the two of you. You want to hire experts that know what they are doing however, they can’t read your mind and know what  you want done.

No matter if you are a small music school or a large music school you should definitely understand that it’s important to hire someone who is competent and also quality people who can represent your business that you’ve worked so hard to build and grow all on your own. So, before you create any job listings I strongly suggest that you take the time to write out your descriptions of what you want done for each position that you need to fill. Writing out your descriptions are quite easy and once you do it will be much easier to figure out exactly who you want and need to hire in your music studio.

Here’s a list of some things you might want to consider when hiring staff:

Front Desk/Office Manager-This individual will be the first introduction many of your customers encounter after calling or coming in to your music school. You will need someone who is focused on completing tasks efficiently and in timely manner, trustworthy, competent, has the capability to think ahead of what is currently on the to-do list (Comes with experience), great speaking ability, comprehend, detail oriented

Instrument Music Teacher- Can they play/perform the instrument well in the style that you want them to teach? Do they already have a method they are currently using with students? What success have their students had in the past? Are they open to guidance from you? Are they nice and friendly? Are they punctual and on time? How is there physical presentation to you, neat and clean or sloppy and unpleasant? All of these will matter

Marketing/Advertising-What do you want them to do for you? (Don’t just say get more students!?-lol) Hiring a marketing/advertising company can yield several types of results, such as are you wanting to build a brand around your school name? Do you want the advertising to set up your ad campaigns and you operate going forward? Will you be able to give them your target demographic etc.? Without knowledge of the specific outcome that you are seeking, you may find yourself signing contracts and throwing money down the drain without adequate results of how you would like to benefit. A marketing company needs to be educated by you on what to move forward with and then they will combine their knowledge and expertise with what they feel will get you the best results. So it’s a combination of the minds. They can’t do “it” for you, but they will do “it” with you.

Graphics Designer-Just like hiring an advertising/marketing company you need to explain what you want and you need to explain in great detail/specifics. Going to a graphic designer or website designer and just saying you need a website or you need a business card design may not yield you the results you’re looking for. With designers it’s best to have 2-3 references that they can look at and understand what you would like for your site. Write out additional questions, be sure that you have the answers to what you would like long term. If someone else is creating your website, will you be able to update it on your own? If someone is creating a logo will you be able to use it on anything-do you have the license? Make sure before you begin working with them and signing agreements.

Accountant/Bookkeeper-Every small business needs a certified accountant however some small businesses may not be able to afford one. Some great suggestions may be to look into bookkeeping software like Quickbooks as well as research information online to see what you can learn to do to keep your books current until you can afford ongoing maintenance.

This list is just a small list of suggestions for you when you start hiring staff and creating jobs in your music lesson business. If you are a member check out our download directory where you can download some already done for you templates for various job descriptions.