When you need to increase your enrollment in your music school, the most reliable option people turn to may be advertising and with so many options from social media, flyers, kids magazines -how do you know which routes will be most effective? Especially when your allocated budget is limited. You have no interest in wasting your money and many times it can feel just like that when you don’t get a response to your advertising efforts. I remember one year, I invested in an ad for the local newspaper. I was so excited and the ad cost five hundred dollars!! I placed the ad for our upcoming Summer Camp and I remember the sales representative telling me how many people look forward to their Summer Camp section etc. Needless, to say we didn’t get one customer from that ad! I learned a very hard lesson that many representatives for advertising opportunities will take advantage of you just to get a sale.It’s nothing personal but make sure you learn the right lesson from that experience to help you further along the way. Many people would have that experience and come a way with the mindset of “see there’s no point in advertising, nothing works!” Or “what’s the point when all advertisers want is your money to pay for their jobs etc.” But you can’t look at it like that. You need to be wiser and practice spending your advertising dollars with wisdom, no one is responsible for that but you.  Advertising does work however there’s a strategy to it and to get you started in the right direction, take a look at the following suggestions:

  • Test

It’s tough to get a hit right a way with your advertising, you may get sign-ups however it takes a  little time to build predictable results. You have to test ads in seasons, as in which time of year gets the best results? Or does this ad give you results all year around? Can you guarantee that with the cost of the ad that you will receive your ROI? Or will there be some months over and some months under. You have to make time to test your advertisements and then draw conclusions on if the advertisement route is beneficial for you. As always what may work for one studio may not be the most cost efficient and or beneficial for your studio. To test an ad, you have to advertise in that source or publication multiple times, try different size ads, different wording, pictures etc. Also in order to not waste too much money search around online to see examples of ads in your industry so you can get an idea of what to do. You can’t just slap text and a few images together-even if that works by “chance” you won’t be able to duplicate it. Effective advertising takes strategy and documentation so you can know over a period of time what is working and how to make it happen again and again. 

  •  Seek Out A Reference Or Two

Secondly, you should seek out references that can advocate for this method of advertising. For example, if it’s a local blog or kids magazine, look up the other advertisers give them a call or browse over their social media and from their you will be able to tell if they are just like you or if they are further ahead. Also you may find that the individual uses that advertiser very often, all throughout the year and if that’s the case it must be beneficial you should try it out to see if it will work for you.


  • Proof

How long has the company been in operation? Or How long has that advertising opportunity been available? I can’t tell you the number of times, that I have had some business call the studio and offer some advertising opportunity. Anywhere from having a paid/sponsosred spot on their new upcoming tv show (which usually airs on public access channel) to having an upcoming ad in their new magazine. Anything to get you to sponsor and pay for their program and not worried if you actually make a profit and attract a valuable customer in your target market. You really have to watch out for a lot of these advertising ventures, if they are quality and reputable their will be many aspects of their presentation that will benefit you.

How will you choose and investigate your next advertising opportunity?