Facebook is a Social Media platform that allows people to learn about your business and if they are interested they can follow you to find out more. Many people forget that one of the keywords in describing Facebook is “SOCIAL!” So think of it as if you are socializing at a networking event, or take it back even further to when you were in college or high school and you may have socialized with someone that you met in a class. Although, you and that person may have hit it off in that one class, that doesn’t always guarantee that you are automatically lifelong buddies! You have to go through additional situations together before you actually build a bond. That’s how you want to define the relationships that you are creating on your Facebook Business Page.
You are allowing people that are interested to hang out with your business and learn a little more! How that’s done is by showing people what you already have going on, post photos of current student achievements as simple as completing a lesson book or receiving the highest rating at a grading event, posting studio recitals, studio celebrations such as staff/teacher birthdays all of these types of things are engaging and shows that you are a great business. Now here’s the thing even though you are a great business that doesn’t guarantee that the interested party will sign-up.
Here’s why, there are many people who like to “window shop” and daydream of buying whatever they are interested in, so they will come and look and peruse but they aren’t prepared to purchase just yet, and that’s OK. They may not have the money as of now however they will in a short period of time. Second they may not be ready to sign up just yet because their children aren’t of age just yet or their child is enrolled in another activity that conflicts with the time they prefer. So you have to remain consistent long enough so that you can be ready for when it’s time to “make an offer on Facebook.”
Here are some steps to take to boost your Facebook Engagement:
1. Add a Facebook Link to all of your newsletters and emails and ask currently enrolled families to “like us” on Facebook to keep up with all of studio events and notices. Then post on your Facebook on a regular basis and upload tons of information about your studio, recital photos and studio events.
2. Like Boost Ad, create a studio awareness ad that allows people who are within a certain mile radius of your studio as well as people based off of certain interest. Run an ongoing targeted ad at a budget of about $150/mo ($5/day) and that will get you Likes from people who are truly interested in what you have to post. Quality photos and text are a must if you want to capture your audience and Facebook has a great library of free photos that you can use.
3. Share your Facebook page in local groups such as mom groups and neighborhood groups. Some great neighborhood groups that I have found are Buying/Selling groups, and Yard Sale groups. Make sure to not overly post in these groups or it could easily become spam and you will get removed from the group. Always remember that if people are interested they will engage.
4. Create events and fill out a great description as well as add quality photos. List any of the events you would like such as Open House, Recital, New Classes, Summer Camps. and Workshops. It’s great to create events for current in-studio parents as well, for example if you have a parents/student beginning of year meeting you can post that on your event page even though it’s not for non-enrolled families.
So as you can see it’s not worth it to boost your Facebook likes with friends, family or fake likes because you need real engagement.
Many people will like your page out of pity but have no real interest in supporting your page even for one like per day. So I wouldn’t waste my time because you need real engagement on your Facebook page.