Are your eyes set on growth? Or maybe just to reduce your teaching schedule so that you can spend more time doing things you love?


When you have been operating your private music lesson business for so many years you may start to wonder if you should turn your private studio into a music school. Many private music teachers choose this change for many reasons, whether it’s to fill a void in their area or if it’s to earn more money with their music lesson business-No matter their reason, here are some simple things that will change when you have a music school.


Consistency-Until you find the right rhythm in your music studio, something that may change is consistency in attendance, consistency in completing things in a timely manner such as getting students ready for recital or grading event. You may notice that it’s difficult for teachers to follow your time-line of the goals you set for them.  


Quality of Talent You Output- Through your challenge of finding quality music instructors you may have to adjust to the quality of output you receive from the lessons they teach. Before hiring teachers to give lessons at my music school, in my private studio majority of my students ranked high at national grading events and also put on stunning recital performances. After a while of hiring additional piano teachers, I had to adjust to how their output didn’t meet my level of expectation and I had to make a decision on how to improve the quality.


Getting Information Out to Parents – Getting information out to parents is incredibly difficult in the first place because they get so much information from their children’s schools and so much many more e-mails. So what changes after you grow into a music school? Well you may not get to see the individual face to face so it changes how the messages may be given to them, from how you need to receive Tuition on the time each month, to how much fun it is to participate in your recitals.  You will need to hire front desk staff or create a method of getting information out to the parents in a timely manner.


Studio Upkeep- Maintaining your studio is pretty low key when it’s just you teaching, but once you grow into a music school there’s so much more than comes along with it. From teachers, parents and students who break things :-/ and don’t say anything, to trash that continuously needs to be emptied, supplies that need to restocked, cleaning, sheet music that needs to be ordered and cataloged and the list goes on and on! Creating a system for these duties will surely get it done and help stay maintained on a daily or even weekly basis.


There are so many things that change when growing into a music school however it’s a journey and a process to create systems and strategies so that your music lesson business can continue to grow. Can you think of anything that changed once you decided to grow your private music lesson business into a music school?