When I first started my private music studio, I didn’t think too much about commercial space because I was allowed to use my family’s basement and I just got set up and ready to teach piano lessons. Well within my first year, I actually didn’t get any music students (due to not knowing much about marketing & advertising)…Although, I think I may have gotten one toward the end of the year. But I didn’t get nearly as many students as I had hoped for, despite the many people asking me to teach them or exclaiming that they would sign up if I started a music lesson business. But that’s for another day..
Throughout that year space wasn’t that big of an  issue because…well, I didn’t have any students to teach! As we started the new year, I started to get some students and then met someone that was renting an office space. She was looking for someone to co-rent the office space with her. I came to look at it and approved. As time went on, we parted ways and so I moved into another space in the same office building.  Since I  was the only teacher for my music school, space didn’t really matter. It didn’t start to become significant until I was asked if I would offer any summer programs, or an open house or group programs and then I started to think about expansion of my music lesson business. 
I rented in that same office building for about 7 years before I found the next space which allowed me a lot more flexibility for more professionalism and just overall business growth. Finding my next space wasn’t at all easy. I searched many different building before I was able to find which one would be right for me.  In this blog post, I would like to suggest a few things to consider when seeking a commercial property for your music studio. 
Today and Tomorrow -Consider the amount of space you can afford and need today and what you will need in the very near future. Does this commercial property offer expansion opportunities or will have to relocate completely in the next few years due to outgrowing the space. 
Additional Expenses-Common Area Maintenance fees (CAM) which cover the expenses surrounding the outside of your business property. 
Signage-signage exterior and interior signage for your location
Repairs-will you have to be responsible for the repairs in your location or will the landlord handle all repairs?
Consider Parking-I still can’t believe it to this day, many places that I found on my search for a commercial space didn’t offer free parking for my customers. Yikes! The thought of my customers having to pay for parking every week that they bring their children to music lessons. I didn’t like that at all. So I had to keep looking!
Details…Don’t Forget -Make a list of non-negotiables and small details that you may forget after viewing so many properties such as the importance of lighting for musicians to be able to see their music. Are you able to do your own construction to the facility/space? Is your space easily accessible to drive into, to walk through the front door etc. All of these things need to be thought out. 
These are just a few things to consider when seeking a commercial space. Finding a music lesson space is almost like finding a house, you may have big specific things that you desire, like enough space for multiple rooms and being able to make as much sound as you would like but there are some small details that you need to write down so that you can remember them.
If you are just starting your music school or music lesson business check out our course “Start A Music School.” You won’t want to miss any details to getting started off on the right track!