When I think of starting a music lesson business in 2020 in comparison to when I started teaching piano lessons way back in 2007, I just think about how different so many things are. There are a lot of positive changes like the ease of getting your name out there with free services such as social media and your website, however it can be very challenging learning to use those platforms effectively so that you can reap the benefits.
Also in comparison to 2007, again because of social media I have become informed with so many conferences and business groups to join! That has been terrific because I don’t feel as lonely teaching music lessons.I can connect with other music teachers through social media and also other business owners.
If I were just starting out to become a piano teacher brand new in 2020, here are a few things I’d do differently:
Learn about advertising!
There’s so many ways to advertise and attract the quality individuals that you want into your music lesson business. If you pigeon-hole your thinking to internet advertising is the only way to connect with customers, you will be stuck. Because in order to use those tactics effectively, it cost and those fees may be out of your current budget if you are just starting out. So learn about the many different ways you can advertise in a more cost effective way so that you can be successful while starting out.
Planning For Business Growth
In order to plan your growth, we need to figure out your why? Why do you want to start a business teaching music lessons? Do you love teaching, Do you love the idea of being an entrepreneur, Do you need to make money, Do you enjoy sharing the love of music with others? How you choose to respond to those three questions, can change the direction of your music lesson business drastically.It can determine what you need to grow, if you want to start a music school or teach independently.
Network & Attend Conferences
When I first started teaching music lessons, I barely went to networking events and conferences mainly because a lot of them were offered during prime lesson time-6pm and Sat morning! Nevertheless, as I have decided to focus more on the business side of music lessons, I have seen the importance of making time to go to those events. Putting them in your schedule so that you can go when the time comes. You have to be very intentional because you won’t be able to attend every single event however you do want to be able to attend the ones of importance. When you are there, make sure to introduce yourself to other conference attendees, you’ll never know who will make a difference in your life. I used to feel so weird introducing myself because I felt like “I just teach music lessons-they won’t understand” but the truth is, everyone is offering something different and yes, there are some businesses that are more common than others- however you will be selling yourself short if you don’t take the chance and meet someone!
Invest Financially in Information/Coaching To Grow My Business!
I specified what kind of investing, because many times we will buy new supplies to have our businesses look great physically but won’t invest financially in the knowledge to operate and build a great business with consistent profits and sales! I’d rather have a shack of a business facility and the knowledge of how to attract the families and keep them enrolled long-term rather than have a beautiful facility and no students!
Set up a budget aside and get the information that you need! With Google and YouTube there’s a lot of information online and there’s a lot of information that I even offer on my blog however the real information that you will need to grow your business will require cost! Whether that’s one on one coaching, buying products or traveling and participating in workshops! You’ve got to get the information. I’m not just saying this because of what I do, I have been to many coaching programs, seminars, purchased books and more! I see and reap the benefits of all of those experiences! The best way I can relate the information to private music teachers, is the comparison to students working with you as a private music teacher. When working with you one on one vs. trying to learn to master the instrument from YouTube! It makes a difference. Lol you will get some information and learn some things but to really grow, you’ve got to meet with someone who can help you directly!
There’s a lot that goes into making a profit doing what you love, in fact a lot more of doing things you don’t love to get to the end result of what you love so much! I’m sure that if people would have told me prior to getting started with private music teaching about the various challenges I would face, attempting to do what I love-I think I probably would have re-routed or resisted with disbelief. But, that’s hardly the case, many times we enter into things so naive and we get blindsided. After you get knocked down so many times it’s easy to want to quit! But I don’t want you to quit, there are students out there that need you, not only to teach music lessons to them, but to be a part of their lives.