I have been so on and off again with this


Although, I know that many private music teachers can relate to my story of being a private music teacher and growing into owning a music school owner. I sometimes find it very challenging to maintain writing, posting on this site and the engagement needed to grow all while simultaneously still operating my music school that provides all of the inspiration for articles, e-books and products that I post here on this site.

Let me explain….

As many of you all know I describe myself as an over-comer of #obesity #depression and #anxiety. The latter two components are what have contributed massively to my music lesson business growth but at the same time it has stifled my music school. It’s an interesting dynamic. Ever since I was younger and in college, I have been aware of my anxiety but not so much my depression, that was more hidden. (We will talk about that another time). In short, I realized it has effected my businesses growth in ways such as: I could be happy one minute with successful enrollment or successfully helping a student with a problem, and then one call of a disgruntled staff, or a negative review from a parent could disrupt my mood dramatically and make it where I don’t want to…or better yet, I don’t have the energy to do anything but sit and sulk. Not good for trying to operate a successful business. At the same time, I can become so consumed with perfectionism that my anxiety takes over and for simple things like recitals or open houses, I can become easily frustrated with such minuscule tasks.

My depression and anxiety have worked together to help me desire something new for myself and at the same time, when it begins to succeed …I can subconsciously sabotage it. (can anyone relate to this?!) I’ve heard it referred to as a fear of success and I can understand that POV. It’s like a fear of being great, because you always worry that you’ll have to top something, or that you’ll always need to have the answer for everything. When you should realize that everything develops and unfolds along the way.

I can also become overwhelmed with my imagination, to where I think too far into the future and can become easily overwhelmed in the present moment  with questions like, what if it all goes well and then stops? What if I’m not able to go beyond this point, what will I do? What if I can’t get any more students? The fear of the unknown can be so crippling for me.

Now that I am active in therapy and I have been for over a year, it has helped me tremendously. I Not only operate/manage my music school much better with boundaries, mindset shift etc. but it’s also helped me to become a better person. You see learning about my mental illness has been an eye opener as to how I process information, mentally and physically. Once I learned better coping strategies and became aware it unlocked so much for me! I also learned a lot about human behavior which helps me operate my staff and deal with customers much better too!

I think one of the tools that helped me achieve such a great ability to teach is because of how relatable I am to my students. Many of the behaviors I recognize in my students such as learning developments, personality etc. I have personally overcome. Many of my students struggle with perfectionism, performance anxiety, fear of failure, overthinking, low self-esteem, low self confidence, uncertainty and more. Additionally, a lot of the issues my teachers/staff endure I have personally overcome those things as well which helps me to hire and also manage my staff better. 

I am working on creating new habits so that I through my website I will be able to help other music teachers who struggle with growing their private music studios and music schools. Bear with me as I master this #newme and also challenge you to become aware of your mental routines.

Have you noticed any mental habits that hold you back? Have you improved any mental habits since you’ve become a private music teacher and/or music school owner?