As the new school year begins, it is unfortunate that we are still dealing with Covid-19. It has caused much distress on so many businesses, families, it has unfortunately caused so many businesses to dissolve and close due to not being able to serve customers.

Although, there are many businesses that have closed -there are also a lot of people choosing to start new businesses during this time  as well! I think that’s great and that their businesses can be successful. As for my music lesson business, I am thankful to be able to continue to press forward with my business at this time with the students we continue to enroll.

During these uncertain times, I am choosing to remain optimistic and be disciplined with my marketing/advertising strategy so that we can enroll new families and also keep our current families enrolled. I know that there are families out there that can afford music lessons and want to stay enrolled. As well as I believe that there are many families who want to start music lessons and are seeking a place to attend. 

As I continue to move forward, I make it important to keep a positive mindset because you never know what can happen within a day. I have had occurrences where a family of three call and want and enroll in lessons and then several more families enroll throughout the week. Since I realize the importance of what I focus on, I would like to share some Daily Affirmations that I speak over my business:

  1. I am so thankful that I get to come to work daily and do what I love to do which is teach and inspire so many people with the gift of music.
  2. I am very blessed and thankful to have so many families enrolled in my music school
  3. I am very thankful and happy with my staff of music teachers and admin they are always happy to teach and work and they show up consistently and on time.

I like keeping a journal of them and looking over them when I need a reminder of how things have improved and grown so much! Would you like a free copy of my gratitude focus worksheet? If so, click the link below!

Music Teacher Gratitude Journal (24 downloads)