It’s that glorious time of year again when it’s time for parents and children to start preparing for Back To School. Part of preparing for back to school includes parents searching for after-school enrichment programs, extra-curriculars and activities that stimulate their children’s interest and enhance learning; such as what we have to offer which are music lessons .
Back To School is also an exciting time for music teachers and here on the East Coast, I considered “Back To School” season to be from July-September. It’s a time that I take very seriously and prep for, because I think it is the best time to attract new and returning music students and fill the majority of available time slots in the schedule.
Many parents are looking for your music lessons services during this time of year-ESPECIALLY!
In this post today, I would like to discuss the importance of launching a marketing/advertising campaign to attract new and returning music students. Most parents seek to enroll their children at the start of the school year so lessons can sync with their children’s school schedules. So if you create a plan or goals at the beginning of the school year for your enrollment, you will be off to a great start with advertising during Back To School time.
I like to create an overall budget and from their allocate towards the budget towards what has worked in the past. Then any additional money left over, I use towards anything new that I want to try. Additionally, I make sure to make good use of social media by engaging with followers, posting  and more. I also like to use E-mail Marketing and Text Message Marketing.
Have you started your Back To School Year Preparations yet?? If not, here are a few  ideas to get you started: