Low-Cost Advertising Strategies For Private Music Teachers

No matter if you are a novice or an expert advertising can be challenging. You can’t just throw a ton of money at it and think that will automatically work. To get a ROI on money spent advertising it takes building a consistent strategy, through implementing test to see what works for your specific business. 
In this post I want to discuss how to take advantage of low cost advertising for times when you do not have a budget that will allow you to post ads on Facebook Ads or Google Ads. 
Remember that before doing any type of low-cost advertising, it helps to have some kind of proof of what you have to offer. Proof meaning have some evidence of your results through photos of you working with music students, recitals and even videos of your students playing songs that you have taught them.  If you have the typical social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube these are all great to provide potential customers with proof of what you have to offer.
Here’s a list of Low-Cost Advertising Strategies To Attract Music Students
  1. Facebook Groups
  2. Craigslist  
  3. Website 
  4. Business Cards with an offer
  5. Flyers with an offer
  6. Google My Business Post
  7. Email Marketing
  8. Call Back-Pre-Enrolled Students
  9. Free Workshops & Informational Seminars 
  10. EventBrite.com 
  11.  Facebook Events 
  12. Network with local Social Groups 
  13. Connect with School Teachers and/or After-School Programs