Hi  Music Teachers!! So I want to suggest a time management hack for posting on social media!! We all spend way too much time using social media…anywhere from following accounts that make us feel insecure to endless mindless scrolling which overall takes time away from things you can be doing in your business.
Forgetting about social media is not an option because it’s essential in order to get your business known in your community…so the next suggestion would be to schedule your social media post.
I like to use an app called LATER  to schedule all of my social media posts for my music lesson business. Later is an app that is primarily used on your mobile devices as scheduler for your social media post. Just as most apps have a paid option and free option, Later allows you to use up to four social media platforms and 30 posts for each one under your free account! One of the things I like most about Later is it’s ability to be used from your computer as well because that makes it easy to type out your captions and plan your hashtags on each post as well.
Sign-up for LATER, When you use my link to sign up and make your first few post, you will be rewarded an additional 10 posts for free!!