I’m a music teacher, just like you-who loves teaching and I also love the business side of my music lesson business just as much. I started my music lesson business when I was very young, and I had no one to give me business advice or help me make decisions. So, a lot of things about operating a business I had to learn through trial and error because I was unable to find specific, in-depth information online that pertained to owning and operating a music lesson business.

Of course their are tons of blogs that offer music education resources and those blogs are great! However, I wanted to know how to run my school like the BUSINESS it is! So I read a lot of books, tried a few coaching programs and some things I tried and kept other things I tweaked until, I began building a business in the direction that I wanted to go. Throughout my time building my studio, I have grown to open  2 locations of my studio, partnered my program with daycares and preschools to build my enrollment, received news articles and media attention, won awards and so much more! This blog is place where I share in great detail  about my experience so that maybe I can be a resource of information for a music teacher who may be just starting out with offering private music lessons or help someone that who wants to grow into a full music school.

Best Wishes, and I’m so grateful you’re here reading this blog!