I Own A Music School is a consulting program created to help private music lesson teachers grow their music lesson businesses. The I Own A Music School brand is comprised of self-help materials, products and live events that are geared toward helping music teachers develop winning strategies for success and growth in the music lesson business industry.

I Own A Music School was created by a real music studio owner who faces the challenges of owning and operating a business on a daily basis. Each and every day I am actively running my own music studio and I can relate to what it takes to manage the million details required to operate yours.

I didn’t start out with fame or fortune. Just a dream and a vision. My success has come from loving what I do, learning from my mistakes, and expanding the business and artistic goals each year.

Over the years I’ve had the privilege of working with hundreds of music studio owners both virtually and in person at live industry events.

I’ve never been on Broadway or had a record deal — but I love teaching music, and just as much- I love owning my own music studio. As a subscriber to this site you’ll get to know me personally. I am real and down to earth, person who deals with ups and downs and worries, yet with all of the non-glamorous side of things — I still hold on to my dreams. I am here to support you because I know it’s never worth giving up on your dream.

Who We Are Most Helpful To?

I Own A Music School was created because music education is important and individuals interested in taking music lessons privately and consistently need a quality place to attend. I have found that many music teachers want to teach full-time privately however they just don’t have the tools and resources to grow their businesses to maintain a quality lifestyle.

My goal is to equip those music teachers with the business knowledge they need to get the results they desire in their music lesson businesses!


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