We want to help you with your music lesson business, so we recommend that you look over the Introduction page to determine great resources available on our website. I Own A Music School can be used to your advantage based on where you currently are in your music lesson business journey.


Starting Out– Is your music school just an idea that you are thinking of starting? I have been there before, you can click this link to get more information, on ideas for naming your music studio, ideas on how to find a location, setting up a website and so much more! No matter if you are starting a private studio in your home or if you have decided to open your very own music school.


Free Downloads -Download the forms and documents you need to operate the business side of your music studio from studio policies, recital participation documents, registration forms and much more.
Store– Purchase books, courses and information to help grow your music school and reach your goals. Here you will find information for managing your staff, hiring instructors, New Program Ideas, and everything you will need for your music school.