What You Get

IOwnAMusicSchool.com helps make progress in your music lesson business feel possible and amazing. Your subscription includes access to information and inspiration from an expert who is actively running  and operating a multi-location music school.


E-books & Articles — How to get more students, marketing, hiring faculty and staff, customer service, staff management, student enrollment, and many other topics written by the best in the business.


Checklists — so you don’t forget a single detail before a class or recital and gain more confidence to carry out every task.


A Complete Assistant Teacher Training Program — Use and customize lesson plan forms, application, letter of interest, observation form and more.


Customizable Forms — related to policies, releases, marketing, volunteers and more. Each form will save you hours of desk work.


Videos that detail for you how to apply the information to your music lesson business


How-To Tutorials & PowerPoint Slide Shows you can watch to easily learn new tips and strategies to grow your music lesson business.


Live Webinars— On a variety of relevant topics that will keep your music lesson studio up-to-date and in demand.


And so much more!!

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